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Is it worth having a minipig: warnings, tips and harsh reality


Each mini-pig needs a veterinarian examination. Look for a qualified veterinarian for your pet, just as you look for a good doctor for yourself and your children. Usually veterinarians are advised to have an examination twice a year. During these periods, the necessary vaccination and expulsion of parasites is carried out.

In order for your animal to live a long and happy life, be sure to adhere to the following rules:
1. Sterilize the animal.
2. Tell the veterinarian all the health information about the mini-pig that your breeder and you have.
3. Do not think that your pet does not need vaccination because it lives in the city.
4. Find a good veterinarian before an urgent need arises.

Mini-pig vaccination schedule:
- 6 weeks: swine erysipelas / rhinitis, leptospirosis,
- 8-9 weeks: swine erysipelas / rhinitis, leptospirosis - re-vaccination. Fight against parasites.
- from 9 weeks twice a year: swine erysipelas / rhinitis, leptospirosis - re-vaccination. Fight against parasites.

In what cases is it necessary to consult a veterinarian?

- The mini-pig vomiting lasting more than a day (especially in the presence of yellow vomit).
- The mini-pig refuses food for more than a day.
- Body temperature above 40.5.
- Diarrhea lasting more than a day.
- Constipation lasting more than two days.
- The mini-pig lies motionless for more than 8 hours.
- A painful stomach.
- Bleeding.
- Blood in the stool.
- Sudden changes in behavior.
- rapid breathing.
- Lameness.
- Eating potentially hazardous substances - poisonous or likely to cause intestinal obstruction.

For emergency home care you must have at hand first aid kit. The kit should include:
- rectal thermometer,
- pepto-bismol,
- Ipecac or hydrogen peroxide,
- hydrocortisone ointment,
- ointment with an antibiotic,
- insect repellent,
- mineral oil,
- caopectate
- bandages.

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