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Features of choice

Choosing a nickname for a hamster is a difficult task, but still feasible. The basis of the name uses the individual traits of a rodent. Some animals have pronounced eyes and a nose, while others have the original colors of their fur coats, while others differ in their wayward character.

Hamsters, by their nature, animals are simple and do not require calling them tricky names. The animal learns its nickname quite easily and quickly, after which it freely responds to it. The hamster’s name can be short, less commonly used nicknames.

When choosing a name, it is important that the owner himself is comfortable calling the hamster, and the pet - remember and respond.

Today, there are many breeds of hamsters. Moreover, each individual individual is distinguished by a special coat of wool. Based on the natural shades and unusualness of the fur coat, the hamster can pick up an interesting nickname.

  • Gray the shade of the hamster's fur pushes the owner to the names that characterize the color palette of the shade. For example, Sirius, Top, Truffle and even Plumbum.
  • White hamsters are appropriate to call such names as Refined, Umka or Sugar.
  • Hamsters with black nicknames Bars, Brunet and Yakhont are ideal with a wool.
  • Animals with beige the color must pick up warm nicknames, for example, Peach, Almond or Yolk.
  • To the owners ginger rodents should choose a name that speaks of orange. For example, Amber, Mandarin or Medoc.

In addition to the colors of wool, hamsters differ in fatness. Based on these indicators, it will be appropriate for the rodent owner to pick a nickname that emphasizes the structure of the pet's body and the fullness of the abdomen:

  • large hamsters names like Krepysh, Kamaz, Butuz or Olympus are most suitable,
  • medium sized rodents It’s appropriate to give the nickname Athlete, Focus or Crocus,
  • tiny hamster it is best to pick a nickname with a diminutive accent, for example, Gnome, Pea or Pixelök.

Having brought the hamster into the house, the newly-minted owner looks at his pet for the first time, studies his habits, interests and character. And only after familiarizing yourself with the addictions of the animal, you can begin to choose the appropriate nickname:

  • modest and shy hamsters should be called refined names, for example, Chalk, Nyashka or Beads,
  • restless such names as Shpana, Dive, Major, are best suited for rodents,
  • aggressive animal names should be selected that correspond to the cocky temper and temperament, for example, Volcano, Shurup, Urka,
  • glossy and pampered animals demand to call them affectionate names, such as Hlyupik, Eraser or Yaselka,
  • active and playful hamsters must bear names related to speed, for example, Turbo.

Quite often, owners of hamsters brought from other continents want to show that their pet belongs to a foreign place of birth with the help of nicknames in tune with their native land.

  • Dzungarian Hamster species most often bear names such as Saigak, Rusik or Terek.
  • Syrian hamsters carry strong and courageous nicknames. For example, Fighter, Akbar, Yarlik.
  • In the names of hamsters of Chinese origin some refinement must be present. For example, it is proposed to name the animal Kasik, Aziz or Ridge.
  • Hamsters of Roborovsky origin are quite serious names: Bullet, Khan or Batat.

Not always human imagination is able to come up with an interesting and unusual nickname for a little rodent. Very often there are hamsters, whose name is Vasya, Petya or Fedya. Although, on the other hand, human names emphasize the charisma of the animal and evoke a note of laughter.

Some owners do not bother very much when choosing the perfect nickname and call hamsters rare, but sonorous names, for example, Ricky, Prince and even Shapoklyak. It happens that the newly-made owners do not give their pet a name, because of which the animal can get into a predicament.

Pets, by their nature, remember certain sounds that the owner makes contact with, and subsequently turn to familiar signals.

And if you call the animal constantly by different names, he will not be able to adequately respond and understand his master.

It is important to note that hamsters do not always perceive nicknames given to them. The reason for this is the sound inconvenience that rodents can interpret in different ways. Specialists conducted a number of studies, thanks to which they found that hamsters respond best to names that contain the letters "p", "m", "k" and "l". Female hamsters are most pleased to respond to names that begin with the letters "m", "k" and "d". For males, the nicknames that begin with the letters "m", "k", "s" and "d" are most understandable and memorable.

Beautiful nicknames for boys

The best tactic for choosing a suitable nickname for a male hamster is waiting and observation. First of all, you need to know the nature of the animal, its habits, manners and interests. Take a closer look at the color of the fur coat, identify the distinctive features on it and determine the features of the skin. Particular attention is paid to the hamster's face. In the eyes of the animal, it will turn out to read a lot of interesting things and even determine the mood of the animal relative to its owner. Most often, owners of small animals give names to their pets, based on their personality traits.

  • Assertive males are best suited for such nicknames as the Top, Typhoon, Diesel or Zhivchik.
  • Dodgy boys bear exclusively male names, for example, Stuntman, Roller, Cog, Shpuntik or Whack.
  • Kids, endowed with a calm and complaisant character, should wear nicknames that correspond to their characteristics. For example, Afonya or Silent.
  • Having discovered the habits of an aristocrat and sharp mind in his pet, the owner of the animal can safely call him Caesar, Prince, Duke or any other “titled” name.

For many owners of hamsters, it is very important that the name of the animal characterizes the color of their fur.

In addition, it should be easy to pronounce and accessible to the perception of the animal.

  • Khomyakov with a red color quite often called by the names associated with fruit fruits, for example, Peach or Apricot. The nickname Ryzhik sounds quite simple and very straightforward, but despite this is very popular.
  • Rodents with gray hair most often called by names such as Smoke or Ashes.
  • Black hamsters They look quite bold and strict, they express masculinity and strength in their appearance. To emphasize the dignity of the male is called Black or Black.
  • Little white hamsters quite gentle, suggesting sensuality and sophistication in their appearance. For them, the names Sugar, Kefirchik, Marshmallow or Angelok will be ideal.

Quite often, the nickname of a small pet characterizes the type of activity of the owner of the rodent.

  • So, if the owner is fond of racing, the hamster will be named Sprinter, Racer or Schumacher.
  • Motorcycle lovers, respectively, call their hamster Biker.
  • Sports enthusiasts will reward their pet with the corresponding nickname. Thus, an ordinary fragile hamster can become a Boxer or Skiers.

In human life, music is of particular importance. Each individual person prefers a particular genre of musical performance, is interested in different singers and groups. These very interests largely affect the nickname of the little rodent. Firstly, the hamster can get the name of any artist of Russian and even foreign pop. Secondly, he can be named after his beloved group, but more often he is awarded nicknames generalized in musical genres. For example, Accord, Soloist, Rocker. A more complex version of the name for the animal, which is quite rare - the Mediator.

It is much easier and easier to find a name for a male hamster who loves to eat a lot.. The nickname Snickers or the Glutton will sound quite interesting. Very common names for chubby males are Donut and Cupcake. In modern life, it is supposed to make a choice of a name from more original options, for example, Sandwich or Burger.

Surely everyone knows that representatives of the fair sex pay special attention to the nickname of the animal. Men, in turn, do not bother about the name of the rodent and are able to christen it with the most ordinary nicknames. For example, Kesha, Vasya, Fedya or Afonya. In everyday life, the name Homa is quite common.

When choosing a nickname for a male rodent, special attention is paid to the size of the furry. In this case, the human imagination can be greatly played out, so that the hamster becomes Liliputik, Tiny, Pupsik. Or, on the contrary, a Giant or a Giant.

If the newfound owner has a wide mentality, an ordinary small fluffy rodent can turn into a real Terminator, Tyson, Zorro, and even Freddy. The main thing is to look closely at what part of the hamster's body to emphasize. Perhaps the movement of the animal resembles a robotic technique. Or his look differs in revenge. At home, such nicknames seem ordinary and most acceptable, but if you go with the rodent on a visit and tell them what the baby’s name is, the whole evening will be held in a mocking atmosphere.

Fancy names for girls

When choosing a hamster, first of all, a person considers the external data of a rodent. Only the most beautiful and charming animal will go home. At the same time, the new owner does not even think about the gender of the pet.

But the selection of nicknames for female hamsters is a rather complicated process and can take more than one day. Of course, you can focus on external data, but still it is better not to rush, but just watch it.

Well-fed and plump females of hamsters are most often called diminutive names, for example, Bun, Oladushka, Pampushka, Cutlet or Pyshechka. But the most popular name for the baby is Sausage.

If the newly minted owner did not immediately decide to name the girl, he will have to get acquainted with her character and habits. And after a few days it will turn out to pick up the most suitable nickname that matches the animal’s temper. For mobile and lively female hamsters, the ideal names would be Speed, Lightning, Torpedo or Rocket.

Quite often, female hamsters have a long coat. Based on this factor, it is proposed to choose the appropriate nickname, for example, Fluffy or Wool.

For a female hamster with exceptional appearance, special beauty and pronounced muzzle lines, such names as Charming, Barbie, Princess, Krall or Fifa will be ideal.

Quite often, the name chosen for the hamster corresponds to the coat color. Snow-white girls will be happy with such nicknames as Ice Cream, Bunny or Sour Cream. Owners with wild imagination and a special sense of humor will be able to name the white furry Yeti hamster. Red color involves the use of diminutive caresses, for example, Chanterelle, Sunny or Sparkle. Pretty sweet and very interesting name Grace are the females with a gray skin color. Black babies should have a graceful and eccentric name, for example, Panther or Blackie.

Unfortunately, not always newly made owners can pick up interesting nicknames for their little pet.

It is important to remember that the name of the animal should sound gentle, delicate and neat, otherwise the female may not respond to the call of the owner.

List of paired nicknames

Beginning breeders, before setting off to buy a rodent, get acquainted with the information that hamsters are more comfortable living as a couple than alone. It is best for individuals purchased from childhood to grow together. Otherwise, conflicts between animals may occur.

Only in this case there is a double problem of selecting suitable nicknames. They must be carefully selected so that not only the owner can distinguish between rodents, but the hamsters themselves understand who the owner is talking to. A pair of hamsters can be located in the same cage or located in different territories, but this should not affect the attention of the owner to their pets. Turning to one hamster, one must not forget to talk to the second rodent.

If pets were purchased for the soul, couples can consist of two boys or two girls. Accordingly, their names should be consonant, but not sophisticated. The nicknames should contain distinctive sounds:

Below you can find examples of names for a female couple:

But for the choice of names for a heterosexual couple, owners can connect their wild fantasy and borrow ordinary and familiar nicknames from popular films and famous animated series.

  • Kai and Gerda. Well-known characters of the children's fairy tale "The Snow Queen."
  • Lilo and Stitch. Pretty interesting Disney cartoon.
  • Peppa and George. The heroes of the children's animated series, known to every child.
  • Tom and Jerry. In this case, it is not even necessary to describe where these names come from.

In fact, if the newly-made owner qualitatively and skillfully connects his imagination, he will be able to pick up two or even three hamsters that sound interesting nicknames that will be familiar and known to everyone. So, two boys can be dubbed the nicknames of famous cartoon characters: Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

But even when choosing paired names, the owner can resist the standard options for nicknames and offer ideas for the name of the animals. For example, the delicious ingredients of the simplest sandwich, Bacon and Tomato. Fans of sweets will award rodents with such names as Snickers and Rafaelka. If the names of the hamsters are given by a small child, most likely it will be Shrek and Fiona.

The options are actually a lot, and in order to choose the best and most suitable name, it is enough to carefully examine your pets and note special features in them.

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